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Feel Better: 6 Weeks to a Mindset Reset 

Live Group Program CLOSED

Week-by-Week Modules for This 6-Week Program

Module 1: Reset Your Brain

Understand How Your Brain Sabotages You
& What You Can Do about It.

Module 2: Reset Your Emotions

Learn the steps to choose what you want to feel, when you want to feel it.

Module 3: Reset Your Self-Talk

Identify negative self-talk that keeps you down, and reframe it as positive self-talk that lifts and energizes you.

Module 4: Reset How You See Yourself

Take your own inventory and take responsibility for how you feel so you can boost your self-worth.

Module 5: Reset How You See Others

Free yourself from the impact you’ve let others have on you so you can see yourself more clearly & realize how amazing you truly are.

Module 6: Reset Your Life

Discover your purpose and set your emotional intentions around it so you live every day with clarity, energy & joy.

Program Structure
  • 60-minute practical lessons, taught live weekly to explore the thoughts, feelings, & behaviors that led to needing change. We will learn techniques to rewire them in healthy ways.
  • Weekly exercises to practice & reinforce techniques and strategies