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Personalized Transformational Programs

with Marcy McDonald

Self-Mastery Transformation Deep Dive

3-Month Personalized 1:1 Program

Self-Mastery is a high level of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-control that results in unblocked energy, focus, and happiness. Self-mastery is a powerful skill that can be learned and practiced until you feel 100% comfortable with who you are and your ability to feel calm and in control regardless of what’s going on around you.

Results from this program allow you to become a master of your internal world, creating inner success that leads to external success—a life with purpose and meaning.

Reaching this level of personal transformation takes guidance and practice, and that’s exactly what you get in this 90-day program. It takes 30-60 days to break old habits and build new ones—to shift from negativity to positivity, to get used to viewing yourself with love and respect, and to be able to choose inner calm rather than emotional upheaval.

It takes another 30 days of practice to imprint these new, healthy, and energizing behaviors on your daily life so that you can sustain them. Within 90 days, you’ve actually reprogrammed your brain so that you are able to feel, think, and behave differently.

Throughout this personalized program, together we’ll be reframing your thoughts and feelings, using reframing exercises to strengthen your skills, confidence, and esteem every day. Each week we’ll be able to layer on new understanding and deepen the exercises until they become second nature to you—replacing emotional disharmony with emotional, mental, and physical clarity and energy.

After this program you will have peace of mind, a clearer purpose, improved focus, positivity, and lasting results for more happiness and control over your life.

Self-Mastery Transformation Deep Dive

3-Month Program Includes:

  • (3) Hour Deep Dive Coaching Session with Marcy
  • (11) Additional 1:1 Coaching Calls with Marcy
  • Unlimited Email & Text Access to Marcy (3 full months)
  • Pre-Session Personal Questionnaire and Evaluation
  • Tailored Coaching Content
  • Weekly Affirmations
  • Weekly, Tailored Guided Visualizations
  • Free Tickets to All Virtual Events
  • All Sessions Recorded

Self-Mastery Transformation 60-Day Mindset Intensive

2-Month Program Includes:

  • 3-Hour Initial Deep Dive
  • (7) Hour-Long Weekly Coaching Sessions (total of 8 sessions)
  • Pre-Session Personal Questionnaire and Evaluation
  • Weekly Guided Visualizations
  • Unlimited Email Access to Marcy (60 days)
  • Weekly Reframing, Mindfulness & Self-Esteem Exercises and Ongoing Support
  • Weekly Home Practice That Stacks Success
  • All Sessions Recorded

Self-Mastery Transformation 30-Day Mindset Intensive

1-Month Program Includes:

  • (4) 90-Minute Drilled-Down, Intensive Coaching Sessions with Marcy
  • Weekly Virtual Sessions
  • Unlimited Email Access to Marcy
  • Pre-Session Personal Questionnaire and Evaluation
  • Weekly Tailored Content, Guided Visualizations, and Home Practice
  • All Sessions Recorded
  • Jump-Start Deep and Lasting Change!

Self-Mastery Transformation Ongoing Growth & Accountability Program (Previous Clients Only)

6-Month Program Includes:

  • (2) Two-Hour Sessions to Assess, Remove Blocks, and Set Goals
  • Monthly One-Hour Sessions to Refine Goals and Remove Blocks
  • Weekly 15-Minute Accountability Sessions to Move You Forward–Scheduled as Each Goal Is Reached
  • Unlimited Email Access to Marcy
  • Pre-Session Personal Questionnaire and Evaluation
  • Make Progress on Personal and/or Professional Goals
  • Improve Your Focus
  • Clarify What Matters Most to Focus on Weekly
  • All Sessions Recorded