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Go Beyond Coping… to a Life Worth Living with Purpose, Intention, and Joy

Disappointments in Life often Arise from Old Ways of Thinking, Feeling, and Acting that can Lead to an Emotional Roller Coaster

Do you find yourself unable to make needed changes in your life because your internal self-talk is so negative?

Have you lost your sense of purpose, focus, or intention because you’ve lost perspective about what’s truly important?

Are you an overachiever who feels guilty if you take time for yourself, or are you feeling unsuccessful despite all of your past achievements?

Life can sometimes be challenging…you are not alone in your journey. Most people don’t realize how negative thinking and unhealthy self-talk erodes their inner confidence, energy and drive over years. Many get stuck in this process and gradually lose their sense of motivation and purpose.

Those who seek therapy for help discover that it can go on indefinitely, because it’s a process of looking at everything you’ve gone through in the past, and what you’ve felt about it. Self-Mastery Transformation on the other hand, is more concerned with the reality of what you’re thinking now and how you’re acting day-to-day.

Self-Mastery Transformation uncovers what you’re focusing on that’s healthy and what isn’t healthy…teaching you how to shift your focus so that you’re actually living and thinking differently as you improve your life.

Marcy McDonald is a transformational coach that will hold you accountable for taking action towards realistic goals so you consistently gain breakthrough results. Her transformational results allow you to recognize how short life truly is, and how to make the most of it by releasing negative energy, emotional blocks, and self-sabotaging habits. For you, this means sustainable change for a joyful, meaningful, and purposeful life.

Self-Mastery Transformation Will Help You:

  • Reset and empower your self-worth to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.
  • Replace patterns of stress with calm, balance, joy and authenticity.
  • Build confidence, mindfulness, healthy self-talk, and actionable clarity for lasting transformational results.
  • Create peace of mind and improve emotional health so that you can focus on what actually matters.
  • Be more productive professionally and personally as you improve your ability to focus on what matters—and understand exactly how to focus effectively.
  • Replace negative reactions and patterns of stress with a positive mindset so you can choose how you want to act, think, and feel in any circumstance.
  • Reboot your emotional, mental, and physical energy with daily practices that sustain an emotionally healthy professional and personal life.

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